Building Gender Journeys, Durham Region

Hi Everyone,

Work has begun. We have a program outline, are lining up facilitators, we have a fallback space but are looking for a better one, and we are beginning our search for funding.

Yes, that might sound a little backwards leaving funding until late in the game, but I don’t have any experience on the community funding front, so I’m leaning on others in our community to help.

Our hope is to begin our first session around February or March 2013 (initial hopes of starting in January are starting to fade).

Here is our Program Outline draft, subject to change but the spirit is here.


Program Outline – Gender Journeys Durham


Gender Journeys is an 11 week program providing reliable information and meaningful community connections for anyone thinking about their own gender changes. It promotes respect for a wide range of possibilities across the diverse gender continuum.

Program Goal

To provide information and support needed to make informed decisions about an individual’s personal gender journey and possible transitioning process.

Our anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing, affirmative and respectful stance provides a positive environment for exploring and discussing this very personal aspect of our selves. Our intent is to foster a proud community and both heal from and organize against the oppression to which we may be subject.



Workshop Title Description


Introduction to Gender Journeys, Introduction to Anti-Oppression Introduction and orientation, understanding the safe space and respect agreement


Gender Diversity: Yesterday and Today Celebrating gender diversity, how it has changed over the years


Getting Started: Gender Sojourners Guest speakers impart their personal stories


Transitioning at Work, School & in the Community Managing your identity and disclosure to others


Hormones & Health Understanding the effects that female or male hormones have on our bodies


Surviving Societal Transphobia (& Trans Activism) Discussions on the manifestations of transphobia and how to cope with stigma and discrimination


Embodying Changes Addressing what transition may look like for an individual


Negotiating Love, Romance & Sex Engaging your sexuality, what is healthy sexuality and why to think about it


Families, Partners & Friends Issues and challenges faced by family, significant others, and friends


Getting Connected to Community (& Trans Activism) Understanding what supports are around, and how you can help your community


Bidding Farewell Last check-in, next steps, certificates of completion.